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Tuesdays: 9:30am - 12.30pm

Email contact all other days, please allow for 1-2 days to respond

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  • What are your age cut offs?
    FOR SOLOS: Each individual competition start day FOR TROUPES: age as at January 1 year of competition
  • How do I submit music?
    An email with a dropbox link will be sent out approx 1-2 weeks prior to the event with details on how to submit your music. Please contact if you did not receive or have any troubles here
  • I need to CHANGE my music submitted
    If you have already submitted your music and you see a "MUSIC" folder in your dropbox this means we have already placed your music into our playlist - so you will need to contact us BEFORE the dancer gets on stage so we have the right music. If you simply place the new track in this MUSIC folder - nothing will change, we play music of QLab not dropbox. You CAN put the new piece of music into your main dropbox folder (not the MUSIC folder) and label the track with the act number and then NEW eg 104 Dan Gourlay 10&U Jazz NEW
  • My Child has changed Dance Studios since entry, how do i change it?"
    You actually don’t have to do anything prior to the competition, We don’t print Studio names in the program or use the Studio names for any individual need. Please see rules on Choreography ownership to avoid any unneccessary issues at the event.
  • Can I film my child or take photos when he/she dances?
    We don’t allow this due to child safety concerns. Being a public performance, we need limitations as to who is filming or taking photos at any stage, and to police this we offer a blanket “no photography or filming policy. We do have a photo/video company that travel with us and offer photos/videos of your childs performance(s). In addition to this there is a “zero photo/video” policy in force for all dressing rooms.
  • When do I need to arrive at a competition?
    We open doors 30 minutes prior to starting a day, and you are welcome to arrive anytime since everything is processed before the event starts (music etc)
  • Can my family come and watch my daughter/son dance, is there a fee to watch?"
    Yes anyone is welcome. All solo/duo/trio sections will be FREE viewing, for Groups there will be a small charge at the door.
  • I entered my child into a wrong age group/wrong section.
    Thats okay! We are here to help! Just send us an email with your child’s name, comp location and your specific request and we can help change that for you, deadline for changes is 2 weeks from event start date.
  • How do I see my Event Program?
    Click on the Program tab above and you can see what programs are available to view
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