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The GTB Hub is a space we are sharing with our GTB Family!

It is the new GTB office and storage space and also a training facility for those wanting a single or regular hire.

Located just off the Bruce Highway, Sunshine Coast.

Here are some of the features:

  • Professional Shock Absorbing Sprung Floor by the Flexipro series, covered in Harlequin brand reversible tarkett

  • Full mirrored feature wall

  • Professional loud sound system with microphone option

  • 12m by 10m space

  • Fully operating Fridge, Microwave, Coffee Machine with Starbucks pods for clients

  • Large Bathroom incl toilet and shower

  • Comfortable seating area + reception desk

  • Eftpos available 

  • Full Hygienic sanitation station incl hand sanitiser, thermo gun, various cleaning products

  • GTB History wall and memorabilia 

  • Merchandise sales 

  • After hours locked gate secure industrial site

For hire enquiries please email

The Hub is only accessible and hireable for GTB Family, friends, supporting studios and supporting dancers.

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